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Why Pure Design?

For all Ages and Abilities

For all Ages and Abilities

Anyone can use the PureDesign rowers regardless of age or ability.

Save Time and Increase Impact

Save Time and Increase Impact

Get the most benefit from an all body workout and burn more calories in less time.

Relax the Mind and Be Kind to the Body

Relax the Mind and be Kind to the Body

Smooth and rhythmical, a joy to use and low impact on the body.

Unmatched Fitness Combination

Unmatched Fitness Combination

Combines aerobic and anaerobic health and fitness benefits.

A-version Monitor

Monitor Intensity Units: Meters per Second (m/s), 500 Meter Split (/500 ms), Miles per Hour (mph), 2,000 Meter Split (/2000 ms), Watts, Calories per Hour (cal/hour)m text block

Monitor Distance Units: Meters, Miles, Kilometers, Strokes, Calories

Workout Program: Distance Interval and Time Interval

Our Range

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